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February 29, 2020

Bitcoin OG Receives Public Shaming Following Altcoin Shilling

Some rather awkward footage of a recent Bitcoin conference has surfaced. The clip shows a recently fallen-from-grace Bitcoin OG called out on stage for shilling an altcoin at the BTC-only event.
One of the earliest public proponents of Bitcoin recently became every self-respecting BTC maximalist’s public enemy number one. Trace Mayer, the host of the ‘Bitcoin Knowledge’ podcast, has been reportedly shilling the recently-created privacy coin Mimblewimble Coin (MWC).

A Bitcoin Event is a Good Place to Shill Altcoins, Right?

Mayer first started talking about Bitcoin in 2010. He is more recently known for his promotion of the annual ‘proof-of-keys’ event, which BeInCrypto has previously reported on. His staunch championing of monetary sovereignty and his libertarian tendencies have made him popular with many Bitcoin fans.
The recent allegations against Mayer seem to stem from a Bitcoin-only conference held last weekend. Trader and YouTuber Tone Vays hosts the’ Unconfiscatable’ event that sees many so-called BTC maximalists meet to talk about Bitcoin, listen to presentations while eating steak, and even show off their skills in a poker tournament.
During the event, Mayer had been supposedly talking favorably about MWC to attendees. He’s even also spoken very highly of the project on YouTube interviews.
The industry disappointment mostly comes from MWC’s distribution model. The project features a huge pre-mine of 50 percent of all 20 million tokens.
Many of those critical of Mayer say he has abused his position as a respected thought leader in the industry and that he stands to gain financially by pumping the project.

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