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December 29, 2019

XRP Community Trolled for Two Years by Fake ‘Treasure Map’

The XRP community has been taken for a ride, so to speak, by Reddit user Bearableguy. The user created a lengthy ‘treasure map’, complete with clues and puzzles. Followers hoped that the final data points would reveal insider information about Ripple.
However, the final clue revealed a less satisfying message—‘Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.’ The vitamin-enriched chocolatey drink company has apologized and assured their community they had nothing to do with the hoax.

Two Years Wasted on XRP Scam

For two years, Twitter and Reddit followers have pursued complex riddles left by Bearableguy. The community is, by and large, enraged or chuckling. Many who devoted countless hours to tracking the clues are seriously bothered.
I’m thinking of starting a vigilante task of blocking all bearableguy, moon boy, cult talking bollocks! Sick of reading stupid hype shit on my feed! spread the word!
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Of course, the attention has not been all negative. Many see the scam as something of a funny joke. With so many in the community affected, the overall feeling is humorous, with many commenting that victims deserve what they got.

Scams Galore

The cryptocurrency community is famous for its scams, and Bearableguy’s most recent XRP one is no exception. With so little regulation and an almost cult-like following behind many of the coins, scams are easy to generate.
Similar style scamming has occurred with other communities as well. Take, for example, Craig Wright’s alleged identity as Satoshi Nakamoto. Many who have believed him have trusted that he can unload his BTC, and send the price to $0.
These faithful followers invested heavily in Wright’s Bitcoin SV (BSV) hardfork, trusting Wright’s identity. However, Wright has recently sought to walk back his earlier statements.
The extra attention may or may not affect the price of XRP. The coin has fallen on hard times in recent months, with prices dropping steadily through 2019.

Many have suggested that the coin’s main use case is already subsumed by banking giants with internal cryptocurrencies, like JPMorgan Chase. Nevertheless, the XRP community remains committed to the coin’s potential future.

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