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August 12, 2019

Cardano Price Analysis: Cardano (ADA) Price Makes An Unexpected Move

Cardano, in the last 2 days, has managed to fetch an overall decent growth. From 0.048 USD, the coin is now being traded near 0.053 USD. However, if we consider the movement since yesterday’s closing price $0.054981, ADA coin has been down by around 3% as of now. Cardano is likely to turnaround its situation soon, and a price surge is expected. Let us analyze the current details of the coin now.

Current Statistics of Cardano-

Cardano Price Prediction
Cardano Price Chart by TradingView
Cardano (ADA)12th August 04:01 UTC
ROI (Return on Investment)145.37%
Coin Circulation25,927,070,538 ADA
Market Cap1,380,684,356 USD
Value in USD0.053257 USD
Value in BTC0.00000465 BTC
24h Volume52,700,991 USD

ADA to USD Price Comparison-

Yesterday, Cardano opened at 0.051679 USD. But the coin soon strengthened itself and reached 0.054334 USD by 03:08 UTC. It was followed by a gradual decline in the value against USD, and it took the ADA price to 0.051572 USD by 09:15 UTC. However, the next two swings were the two big ones. The third swing added 0.004 USD to the Cardano price, and it helped the coin to reach 0.055964 USD by 18:02 UTC and it is the highest point of the ADA coin for yesterday. It was followed by a decisive fall, and this makes an almost perfect pyramidal growth pattern.  The last swing was a 5.06% decline in the value against USD, and it cost 0.002 USD to the coin.

Cardano Price Prediction-

Cardano is beyond its second resistance point as it was predicted on Saturday. However, the coin is yet to make a significant step to bring growth. The details of all the resistance and support levels are given below.
Cardano (ADA) 
1st Resistance0.056623667 USD
2nd Resistance0.058266333 USD
3rd Resistance0.060604667 USD
1st Support Level0.052642667 USD
2nd Support Level0.050304333 USD
3rd Support Level0.048661667 USD

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